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Intelligent lighting controls create a not only a personalised lighting system, but a convenient one to save and recall your favourite settings, and effortlessly transform the atmosphere that surrounds you.

With modern advancements, our innovative systems are now able to be installed retrospectively using radio frequency, with no new wiring required to complete the installation.

No matter what lighting you use in your home, ESL Lifestyle has a solution for you. Suitable for a whole range of applications from residential homes to commercial properties, our intelligent lighting systems offer a wide selection of energy-saving dimmers and convenient lighting control solutions.

Intelligent Lighting Systems

The continued drive for energy and cost efficient home products means that intelligent lighting systems are in high demand and for good reason. And, the use of innovative control technology means intelligent lighting systems are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. These systems can detect different variations in a home’s lighting and then compensate output accordingly. Daylight compensation and equalisation systems means that the brightness of lights can be automatically adjusted to provide a comfortable living environment with very little input from a homeowner.

Our Technology Partners

We have long-standing partnerships with some of the leading technology suppliers in home-automation sector.

"We took the opportunity to install a control system in our new home during the build process, and so glad we did. The system is designed around our needs and wants, and I can control the whole thing from my phone!"